Binding Redo–

Don't you just love when you repeat the same thing over and over again but one time……no. It's wrong.  

At least i only got 10" or so stitched.  

Can you find the mistake?

Yeah. I sewed by machine the binding onto the back.  Well, that is just fine if you are sewing the front down by machine…..well. That would be all fine and dandy if i was sewing this on by machine. 

But, I am not. 

So……. I will be unpicking the binding and then sewing it by machine {again} to the front.  So i can fold it to the back and then sew it down by hand. 

Why is something so simple causing me angst?!

This is the quilt i finished quilting for the quilt store. {that's a lot of quilt mentions in one sentance!}  I will show that off when i get the binding done. Didn't want it hanging out there flapping in the breeze when i am trying to take a photo of the rest of it……so you must wait another day.  Because I am re-doing the binding. 

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