Backyard Bees

This past week we got a few boxes and some new visitors to the back yard.  Backyard Bees.  yup.  That’s right. Let the buzzing begin.

Our family is movers. We build. We sell. We don’t stay long.  We have been in our home for 3 years and have more plans to build, but for now we are to the point where we need to stop putting a few things off and enjoy our backyard.  We have almost an acre….and it’s pretty rough.

Not that the bees will make this a pretty place, but along with that we are looking at a few fruit trees and planting a larger garden this year.

backyard bees

I put the box with the bees inside during the night.  In the morning Tab helped to open the bees, release the queen bee out of her safe little spot and into the hive with the other bees.

pulling the can

Feeding them some yummy sugar water…..

filling the sugar water

Shaking off the queen bee temporary chamber

finding the queen bee

This is going to be quite an adventure.  Nothing like jumping in with both feet!

Have any suggestions or helpful hints for us? We have no idea what we are doing!!

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