Anonymous Was A Woman

The other day while perusing the thrift store I found this book–

I find it pretty interesting.  The whole idea is A Celebration in words and images of traditional American Art and the women who made it.

I mean really, how many books are out there about men and their art. Their sculptures. Their paintings.  There wasn't much about woman and what they contributed to the world of art.   Of course it wouldn't be a complete book without a bit of quilts, needlepoints, and other little goodies. 

Also included are some short posts from diaries and quotes.

Here are a few of my favorites:


The Prayse Of The Needle


To all dispersed sorts of arts and trades
I write the needles prayse (that never fades).
So long as children shall be got or borne,
So long as garments shall be made or worne,
So long as hemp or flax, or sheep shall bear
Their linen woolen fleeces yeare by yeare,
So long as silk-wormes, with exhausted spoile,
Of their own entrails for man's gaine shall toyle,
Yea till the world be quite dissolv'd and past,
So long at least, the needles' use shall last.

John Taylor


 I'd rather piece as eat, and I'd rather patch as piece, but I take natcherally delight in quilting'….. Whenst I war a new-married woman with children round my feet, hit 'peraed like I'd git so wearied

I couldn't take delight in nothing: and I'd git ill to my man and the children, and what do you reckon I done them times? 

I just put down the breeches I was patchin' and tuk out my quilt squar'.  Hit wuz better than prayin', child, hit wuz reason.

Aunt Cynthy…1900

The book is great and full of little tidbits. Great to just pick up anytime and brouse or read through……

So I was just thinking is there some anonymous Woman out there?  One that has work done that hasn't been recognized? I would have to say that we all fall into that category don't we?  Don't we all go about our business and share a bit without notice?

Got an anonymous Woman Story?  Share it!  We would all like to delight for a moment in the quiet, soft deeds done by another of our own kind.

i think 'hit wuz reason is my favorite…… that's why i sew!!

Happy Chinese New year too!!! just in case you wanted to know– I am an Ox and it looks pretty good for me this year. It says I'll have a few rough months and then 10 good ones. {thinking the rough ones are right now!} + it guessed that I am a foodie and let the diet go this last year. So smart! It says this too-

Avoid any get-rich-quick schemes and instead just let your talents bring in prosperity.  Funny!! X my fingers.

Check out your own Year of the Rabbit evaluation here:



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  1. Janice

    4 February

    I loved your post. I was so taken by the Aunt Cynthy prose, that I used it in a post to my blog. But I put a link back to your post, as I wanted people to know where I got it. I hope you don’t mind. If you do let me know and I will take it down. I wanted to remember it.

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