All Points Patchwork Book

A little bit ago I got a happy email from Diane of CraftPod announcing her newest book All Points Patchwork is being printed and asked if I would like a copy.

Of course!  This beauty is all about hand stitching, more importantly english paper piecing.  I totally couldn’t pass up the chance!allpointsbook1

It arrived and I was in love already.  The cover shows exactly what you will expect inside.  Lots and lots of awesome how to’s, tips and a few templates.


My little diamonds look a little rough as I have been slowly working away on them, they have been stored in a baggie and of course they get a bit moved about and there will have to be some ironing happening before I can finish the project.

Because I am aware of Hexagons and have a few projects with those already tried…. I decided to pick up a new shape and went with the diamond.  There are different angles of diamonds apparently and if you want them to all line up when you sew them together like a hexagon you have to make sure you start with the right one.

I do have to warn you that this book is all about the technique— and multiple techniques.  You won’t find a ton of templates or patterns for projects.  I found that I was just fine with that though.  I was inspired by her project suggestions and will follow my own course as I practice and explore different shapes and play with the layout options.

It’s not a simple -one shape- book. You will love having the variety of shapes….like the diamond, triangles, hexagons,  trapezoids, curves, apple cores, clam shells and more.

You will not only have the know how about the technique- but you’ll know how to set them, layout options, different materials for templates, stitching them down to your background, and of course the biggie– making your own shapes and templates!

There is so much to learn about English Paper Piecing.  It’s crazy!

As you can see I’m not quite finished with the project…. not sure where it will take me, but I am so excited to keep the book on the shelf and pull it out whenever I have a question or get stuck.  Great to have in my reference library! (for now though it is sitting on the living room table for quick grab and read)

Check here for more info on Hexagons.

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  1. Annie Guebara

    1 July

    Becky Thanks for the info on ‘the all points patchwork’ book. It is a perect gift for a friend. I would also like to thank you for the hexagon tutorials. They are going in the save file for now. You are a very resourceful blogger friend.

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