All Access Craftsy Pass for 9.99!

oh boy oh boy. Christmas came early!


This is blowing my mind!  I love, love Craftsy and have more than a few classes in my profile that I have purchased and watched.  They are so easy to save for later and keep your place!  No loosing your spot or getting lost in there. It’s all taken care for you.

There are so many topics and you might be surprised at what classes you will be interested in once you get in there!  They are introducing new topics and video classes all the time.

Now– Here it’s scoop about the $9.99 deal for October:   you can quickly check out the classes you have on your wish list to see if it’s really what you’d like!  So take the time to scan a bunch of classes so you know what to buy in the future– or focus on one or two and finish a project or two! Either way, you can’t go wrong.  Theses classes are not cheap– you don’t want to miss out.

Get instant access to all of our 800+ online video classes for the entire month of October for only $9.99!

5 reasons you don’t want to miss this crafting dream come true

  1. Enjoy 887 classes (that’s more than 2,594 hours of fun) with more added every week.
  2. Jump around to any technique in any class or watch from front to back to relax.
  3. Try something new, like a cooking class, with no risk!
  4. Problem solve anytime by asking any instructor questions for the answers you need.
  5. Get holiday gift-making ready by learning as much as you can during October.

How it works

Purchase the all-access class pass today for only $9.99. Then, log into your Craftsy account and click the “Watch now” button on any class. Enjoy watching as much as you can by October 31st! And, don’t worry, there’s no long-term commitment so your card will not be charged going forward.


  • What happens if I enroll later than October 1st? You have until midnight on October 6th to sign up. Regardless of what day you sign up, you’ll have access to all of our classes up to October 31st.
  • Will I be able to access classes after the end of the month?Unfortunately, no. After October 31st, you will not have access to the classes anymore. If you want, you will be able to buy individual classes. Once you purchase a class, you will have lifetime access that never expires.
  • What if I want to continue to subscribe going forward?This was a one time special offer, but stay tuned for more great deals.
  • How will I access the classes?You can browse the class library on the Craftsy website and when you find a class you are interested in, simply click the “Watch Now” button to get access. Note that you can watch classes with the Craftsy app, but to enroll in individual classes, you must use the Craftsy website.
  • Will all of the standard class features be available?Yes. You will have access to all of the regular features of our classes — ask an instructor, savings notes, etc. It is the exact same experience as if you bought a single class.
  • Will any notes I take, additional reference material, etc. be available to me after October 31st?Unfortunately, no. Your access to notes and reference materials ends when the all access period ends. However, if you found a class that you love and subsequently want to purchase it, all your notes will be there waiting for you when you return.
  • Can I watch the classes on the Craftsy app, too?Yes, you can watch classes on the app; however, you first need to enroll in an individual class via the website. Once you have done that, you can watch any class, anytime, anywhere.

Don’t wait– you only have until October 6th midnight to sign up (you will have to the end of the month to use it!)



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  1. Allison

    5 October

    None of the links work, has any body else have any success with this? I would really love to take advantage of this opportunity

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