A Whoop Whoop from the hilltops

A Whoop Whoop from the hilltops

So— after one of the worst weeks of my blog life….eva……things are starting to be a bit normal around here. 

Here is a quick update:

Blog~  you are reading it, that is good.  I blew it up while trying to fix it {i hate it when that happens}.  But now it's back. And not missing any thing X fingers.

Site~  you can login–without being sent to some relationship helper site {totally sorry about that. darn those bad people who know coding!!}  

Workshops, Magazine~  I emailed out the step for the workshop and the magazine….but by Monday everything will be back onto the site so you can download directly from the pages.

I still have some updating to do.  But for right now i will just hang out and give it some time to settle into the new spam free changes. 

Security for the site~  I have taken a few extra security measure with the site + I have a watchdog placed at the back door so no one can sneak in again.

Words of Wisdom/things learned~  Have a captcha for registration to slow the spam down.  Find a few Security plugins or extensions for your site.  Keep your wordpress, plugins, or whatever else as up to date as possible- old ones are easier to hack.

My eyes are finally dried out….. {from both a few tears and staring at the screen}

my elbow aches from the constant thinking man pose at the table. 

Food will be cooked, house will be cleaned….i will answer the kids when talked to.

I think though i have sadly grown a few frown/stress lines on the forehead.

This weekend-  I will breathe in and out slower. 

Since the extra day of the year came….and went….. and i wasn't able to share a few things, I will next week.   It will be a Feb. 29th redo. lol

I have the free tutorial pattern of the month {the play mats from the magazine} + Quilt Top Round up + there is a new workshop starting!

And maybe, just maybe i'll get a bit of sewing in.  Haven't touched the machine for more than a week now. sad. i know.

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