A Little Bit of Quilting

well, not really little….  I have been busy. 

Marilyn is off and making a ton of quilts again. She is one determined woman to get her unfinished quilts done!  This one is a biggie.  Luckily she wanted an all over pattern for the quilting. 

Quilted- large repeat double loops.  Easy and super cute!  This quilt is a perfect beginner sewing project too– no real heavy thinking with bricks and blocks quilt pattern.

And, don't you just love these scrap quilts— no matter how hard you separate the 'friends'…they always find them again.  See the pairs which have again been reunited with their friend? lol

Esther is another gal who is gung ho to share her sewing talent with her daughters and D in-laws.  Lucky girls!

They all had the same back {yay!} so i lined them up to quilt them.  Don't be fooled by the photo though– there were 7 of them 🙂

My favorite part— google eye buttons!  

And– yes the heater is out.  You will see why a little farther down the post.  And— after looking at that white wall i sure need to do something over there! I have a lot of wall space {not really usable} that i need to start hanging things on!  

This next big-boy is from Janis.  She went large and with Dick and Jane fabric totally cute!  She wanted a simple meander in the center with a little loopage around the outside.  I used red thread {her favorite} and even stitched their names in one corner– her and her husband with a heart in the middle of them.  Cute idea!

This is why the heater is in the sewing cottage again~ brrrr

I love the dog who is sitting on the sled for fear of sinking into the deep snow. 

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  1. Joyce Remley

    19 November

    Love all the quilts, esp. The turkeys with googly eyes. Have a wonderful, thankful Thanksgiving.

  2. whosies

    19 November

    thanks joyce — you too! gobble gobble….

  3. Eileen

    24 November

    Love all the Quilts even the Turkey lots of idea you share Thanks oodles

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