A Few X Stitches

Last week i worked on a X stitch for a friend……

Now don't go all ghaspy on me.  While the stitching is wonderful I can only take credit for the saying in the center and the date. LOL 

She had bought the unfinished sampler somewhere -ebay or something- and it had sat around her place for too long unfinished, so she sent it on over.  What a joy!  

I really do enjoy X stitching.  I used to be employed by Shephard's Bush in Ogden….. oh i loved that!  They introduced me to stitching on linen instead of iada. 

I loved walking into the store and finding my stitcheries on the wall all beautifully framed. 

This stitchery sampler was on some tiny, tiny aida– almost crossed eyes tiny!  The stitches from before i think only used 2 threads….one for the words.  I love it when stitchers back down the number of threads.  It makes the stitchery look dainty.

I don't have any plans on picking this back up— maybe just stitching, no X stitching…but for now, this one was fun to dip back into for a brief moment.

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  1. Susan

    6 December

    What a great idea. I love it! So useful and simple too. Perfect craft for a busy mama.Thanks for sharing.

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