A Few New Ribbon Bugs

I received an email the other day from Sabine with some photos —– of Ribbon Bugs!

I am in love with the String legs— why didn't i think of that?!  And the wings….. oh yeah.

This is what Sabine said: 

I am a mother of two (son 6 years old and daughter 3 years old) and today we made two bugs inspired by Your free pattern 🙂 It was really fun and the kids could sew on the sewing machine themselves. We stuffed ours with polyethene beads so they are nice to carry around. 

The polybeads are a great addition. They give them a bean-bag sort  of weight and are easy to sit too.  Did you notice the comment of – they could sew on the sewing machine themselves! You go sabine!  This is a great start for them!  

Eliza-  my youngest brought home a sewing machine from my moms house the other day.  It has been so fun to watch her piece her first quilt!

This pattern is available here— for free of course!  Make a few up for your summer adventures.  Simple enough– great pattern for beginners.

I have been quilting a few quilts– for others again. {no shops this time}  I will show them when i get a few photos snapped. On these quilts i have quilted an all over pattern.  And the pattern is not just  meander either!  I actually did something totally new.  I am branching out, and i am liking it!

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