A Few New Quilting Gadgets and Fabric

A Few New Quilting Gadgets and Fabric

After walking the floor at HMQS and looking at all the goodies I ended up with a few goodies:

Here are my class notes— a wonderful laminated extra large book + dry erase marker and some handouts with a ton of ideas for quilting block to block!

A few free quilt magazines– and a layer cake!  This is the first layer cake i have ever gotten. So excited about it!

Here is another handout– love those things!  Plus, Pam Clark had sent around a clear top loader sheet and dry erase for us to lay on top of her handouts and practice on top of the drawings or making up some on our own. That was a great idea! Loved doing that.

I also purchased these little end thingies from Quilts on the Corner they hold the back of the quilt all together so there isn't 3 different areas to pull on the sides with clamps. Totally excited to use those!

Take a look at who's fabric i found on the shelves!!! Carol's. love it. 🙂  By the way– I am not going to Kansas but my little projects are! Hopefully they will be hanging in the Andover Fabric Booth.  

Oh– i almost forgot.  I also got some sewing feet….my 1/4" guided one was all loose and my clear foot was broken on one side so all the fabric would end up bunching and i would have to constantly lift the darn foot to release the pucker.  yay for a new foot!

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