A Few New Fabrics & Vintage Tablecloths

A Few New Fabrics & Vintage Tablecloths

I headed out to a few garage sales on Sat. picked up a few new fabrics– this was sooo hard to just pick a few of the good pieces that were for sale!  This lady was a keeper of vintage fabric….luckily for me there were a lot that were too thin of fabric weave for me, so i left them behind.


I ended up with a nice variety– as always.   some wool tweed, polka dots {always love those!}.  Some of the pieces were pretty large- a few yards. 

Great to add to the stash and use as backs for piecing if needed too- 

I also snatched up a roll of lace + an extra large piece of brown polkadot velvet.  

Has anyone used this kind of fabric for a backing of a quilt?  Just wondering what it would do….

I also ended up with a few vintage tablecloths.  This one has a few yellow spots, but overall it is nice. 

This next one i love! 

It's large enough to fit my table!  Most of the ones i find are square or round, and never fit— 

yes, i just draped it over the cars and other things hanging out on the table.  Didn't move anything. 🙂

The ends have extra white fabric which is kind of different– 

I have been slow to buy fabric lately– feeling guilty that my collection is large enough….but really i need something new to get the ideas flowing!  That's my excuse this week at least. lol

I am heading out wed. with the regular bunch of girls to the yearly trek to Springville Quilt show!  Weeeeeee.

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