A Few Finished Tops

A Few Finished Tops

It was another sewing day with the girls last week (i am having a hard time finding things to sew! can you believe?!)  So, after digging around for a bit i found a few things that i could work on.

These blocks i have had hanging around since 2009.  I did a Block of the Month with the Utah Quilt Guild.  You sent the pattern, fabric, kits or whatever around and they would do what the instructions told them and send it onto the next person.  I found out why these have been sitting around for so long.

There were 4 blocks that were 9 1/2″ square –that is the correct size.  1 bock was 10 1/2″ square and 3 blocks 9″ square.  What the?  How did i get so many blocks from THE SAME PATTERN in different sizes?

After staring at them for a bit, I decided— use the 4 correct blocks on the outside.  Use a blue for the ‘sashing’  and then in the center i would use the one super large block + cut 2 of the smallest blocks in half from corner to corner.  Then i would sew these large triangles to the center block on point and straiten it back out.  The matching pieces on opposite sides of each other.

Do you see it now?

That worked pretty good!  I am done with it– will make it a table topper or something.

This next one I had made some progress at the last sewing weekend— this time i added the sashing and black corner blocks.

I kind of like how if you squint or go fuzzy with your eyes you can see the light and dark play with each other.  For having all of these random 4 patches sewn together, it turned out pretty darn good!

And, since i am showing a few tops— how about this one:

this one i am calling triangles all over.  This one was shown at quilt group.  She said that this quilt top was made by someone she knows and a group of gals decided to help her finish it.   The triangles are bits of fabric from clothes she had made for her daughters.  They even put it on a quilt rack and let everyone quilt it!  They quilted in the ditch with red thread, and i will tell you it made the quilt!  the batting is super loft, making it totally big and compfy.

I am digging the scrappiness of it. Love that!

Have you got any quilt tops done lately?  do share!

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