A Bear with a Tutu

I have been drawing up a few new things— and this week managed to squeeze some sewing time up for a little trial run.

I am kind of a conservative sewer sometimes… i get stuck on – this is a bear. she should be brown. so i used brown swirly fabric. not that this is bad or anything….but i think that having striped stockings on her legs would have been totally cute.

She has cute little Mary Jane black felt shoes…. to go along with her tutu….which is a bunch of gathering!

She of course must have a little bow in her ear and button hinge arms.  I love how they move.  She isn't too much of a play doll, though.  I do love how simple she is.  Depending on my time i might be making some more Tutu Bears up for Art Market this weekend.  

I do have to say that i need to look into how to finish the arm at the top — i just fold it inside and then iron it.  maybe i need to do a few stitches there. or make it a finished end and turn the arm inside out somewhere else….thing i need to learn still! Anyone have any suggestions?  or links for great tutorials with this sort of technique?

this bear is styled after Nooshka on Esty.  See here.

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