Snowman Pillow Tutorial

I am a super big fan of blue.  I believe I got that love of blue from my mother.  It was and still is her go-to color.  If you

Elf on the Shelf Doll Pattern

The time is getting close now….. are you starting to think about Christmas?  My kids are getting bigger each year and the likeliness of having another Christmas without the

Sewing And Quilting Apps

Quilting Apps and Sewing Apps can be confusing and sometimes hard to find.  I was looking around the other day and have found a few that might work for

Handmade Holiday Decorations

The holidays are quickly coming…every year it seems like they come quicker than the last. Even though it’s only the beginning of November, being prepared for them is important.

How to Whipstitch Embroidery Stitch

This is the simplest embroidery stitch I know.  The Whipstitch. This stitch is perfect for whipping something up quick.  The edges of the applique are taken care of…. because
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