7 Fantastic Boxes of Fabric

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Last week at my mom's sewing group there were a few boxes of fabric {from someone who was in their group, but passed away this last year.  Her husband didn't want it around anymore, so they brought it to go through}

So, they were all done with them and she took them home so i could go through them.  You know me and my weakness for anything cotton, lol.  oh and free. :)

She was a sewer just like me…there was fabric, lace, ribbon, ric-rac, binding tape, thread, yarn, even granny squares.   I love the variety!  Take a look:


I think when i die and others go through my stuff they will find the same kind of randomness.

She apparently had a thing for 5" squares.  Maybe after her fabric got to a certain size, she would just chop it into this size.   great idea, actually.  

I had to go through my drawers in the sewing cottage so some of this could fit!  I weeded what i was done with into another box to pass along with a few of these that i didn't want.  Sharing the love {but keeping more than i really should}

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