5 Rows Done

I found the little pile of rows that i put together while on the retreat…..darn that bag pile of on-going sewing projects that hides everything you want to find.  The pattern is one from a magazine that Jill Lilly designed.  Love it!

I love the colors i am using! They are a mish-mash of whatever…but the fabric that it is all based on is the blue background one. I am surprised sometimes with the monster variety of fabrics that i have…that i can actually pull some out that go together.  I was looking at my stash and thinking– why is my taste so weird?  I buy totally funky prints that really don't go along with anything else…..but i love them. lol

The colors are so bright and springy.  I of course snuck some raw edge applique- you know me and my sew it up quick method. and i love the way she turned the sideways ohio star into a flower. Simply brilliant.

Tonight we are getting one more row pattern— i think it is actually almost done.  i was a little hesitant in putting the black in there– but i love it. It truly does make the other colors pop.  

I sure wish i was caught up on the Round Robin #4 row one…….maybe this next week i'll get on it.  

Are you sewing on a Row Quilt?   Give us the link in the comments so we can go take a look!

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