Block of the Month Quick as a Fox {the sewing loft} Materials List

quick as a fox quilt along

Today the introduction to the Quick as a Fox Block of the Month is up!! This is a totally free {and fun} quilt along that has been designed to help you with new sewing techniques! 

patchwork posse beginner quilt a long

Quickly I'll share a few– then you have to hop on over to The Sewing Loft for more info, including the materials list.

Some of the techniques and quilt blocks we will cover are:

  • sewing with a template
  • keeping our seams ¼”
  • paper piecing
  • sewing with points
  • curved piecing
  • 3-D quilt block
  • making an applique pattern from a coloring page

You all know me and my quirkiness….I view the world in much different colored glasses than most…so you know it will be fun and interesting and challenging all in one!

The Quick as a Fox Block of the Month will be posted over on the sewing loft blog– every Tuesday until the end of March….starting today with the Materials List!

So, hop on over, say hello— go shop for your materials and share it in the photo gallery so we can all see.

I'd love it if you would share it too :)  Sewing by myself isn't fun {unless i am designing something and need you to leave me alone… did i say that outloud?}  so, please share it so we can all learn something new together!

Grab a button: 

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