Old’s Maid Quilt Trunk Show

Last week was quilt group and in the room we were surrounded by a wonderful collection of quilts– Old Maid Puzzle.

This was done as a block of the month { i have a few of the blocks done- not done!} a few years ago. I loved it, but i have not finished it. waaaa.. Now i see what i am missing out on. 

Quick intro before the photos— one block pattern= made 2 different ways.  Then one block is only sewn once, thus the old maid.  It is almost impossible to pick out the pairs they turn out so different!





I love the idea of using a pattern for the pair, and switching up the lights and darks— might have to do an experiment with that one!  Maybe it will inspire me to finish up the quilt. hmmm.

What do you think?

Are you good at puzzles? Can you find the pairs?

Just noticed this is landing on a Tuesday– so, Want some more trunk shows to browse?  

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