Shop Hopping

This last week was shop hop and of course I teamed up with Angie and went to some of them.

She was such a good sport though.  I was sniffing and sneezing and breathing like a hot dog the whole time! ugh. stupid allergies that hit in a day and became a sinus nightmare in a matter of hours. Now sitting in my chest and making me wheeze– it was just lovely.

The shops were delightful! So many things to look at and —not buy! lol  the decisions are so difficult when it comes to fabric isn't it?

here is angie and her shop hop quilt-{dreaming of oz}– with glenda the good witch! {aka joni who owns quilters haven}

flying monkeys!

Her shop was by far the cutest of them all!

I took a few more of other shops~

this was a wall in the bathroom– fabric swatches and samples.  totally cute and unexpected. nice to look at though. lol

and then— nothing. maybe i was all drugged and didn't remember i had a camera. who knows…

I did end up with a few goodies-

Bella solid charm pack + solid grey + a japanese bag pattern book!


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  1. Amy June 23, 2011
  2. posse boss June 27, 2011
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