Stitching and Reading time

Today I thought I would give these a go today…'s been awhile since I have just sat and stitched, and read.

Trying out doing a stitchery on a vintage pillowcase, cut up of course…..thinking it works.

If you need a bit on inspiration—go and find 'where woman create'  It is the best! so many wonderfully talented girls in there sharing their space and their hearts.

And just a side note— I think I am allergic to tanning lotion. :(  Everytime I put it on I get itchy legs for about a week. I guess white legs will be in season for a bit……sorry everyone!

Another side note—- I haven't posted {yet} about my wonderful Mother's Day, but I got myself a Zune. Love it!! Except it stole all my pictures and is having a hard time giving them back. yikes!

pst— have you voted for focus friday for June? Get over there {right sidebar} and do it!! I need some feedback. please. and thank you

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