101 Kids Activities Book

Kids during the summer can be a handful. They are always wanting something to do…..  I have always been a big fan, follower, reader and do-er of the Kids Activities Blog.  Their projects are great, they have them broken down by age and activity. My kids love their projects.  It couldn’t get any easier!

I was sooo excited when they announced their book!  I finally have a hard copy of their best of the best activities in hand.  So quick and easy to pull out and get going on something.

This book is a life saver!  It’s loaded….. over 100 different activities.  If you did one per day that would take the whole summer!


Holly and Rachel are masters when it comes to getting kids involved, keeping them happy, and letting them explore the world of kids activities.  The book is very well rounded– no matter what age of kids you have, there is more than enough in here for you.

Eliza and a friend thumbed through the book before picking the pipe cleaner activity.

They seriously had a delightful time.   The instructions were great — perfect for getting ideas and jumping off from there.  We had this crazy huge long yardage of pipecleaners, which were perfect for crowns and bracelets.


The next project on their list —- the bouncing balloons.

What I love is I can gather the supplies for a lot of these projects and let the kids explore and play and do it themselves.  Mine are old enough for that.  For others, a little supervision will be needed, but in the end, they can really do the project themselves.

Other projects in the book include:

edible playdo, ziplines, bouncing balloons, shoe box pinball, golf games, icecream makers, bathtub art, tutu’s, paint recipes, rubber band art, pvc pipe tent, dish artwork, toe painting and so much more!

Head on over to Kid’s Activities Blog for more info and to order your own copy.  Your kids will love you for it!

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