10 Things I learned from SNAP!

A few weekends ago I was so fortunate to hang out with my most bestest online friend, Heather and meet some new ones!  I hooked up with a ticket to go to SNAP! with my mom {she didn’t make it…waaaa} but I went ahead- alone.  Boy was I never alone the whole time I was there! I was surrounded by some awesome talented and inspiring and smart, and did I already say awesome people.

10 things  I learned from Snap

My head was full by the end –over loaded with information, new ideas, suggestions, plans, meet ups…you name it.  I was on overload and loved every minute!  The last woman’s big convention that I went to was Sewing Summit {going without a ticket} and The Creative Connection {where I was a speaker on a panel}.  This time it was all about learning, smooshing, and not stressing about what silly thing I would say in front of everyone.  I can say some doozies.

While there I did learn a few things that I must share.

10 things I learned from SNAP!

1)  Don’t judge a gal by her cover.  I met sooo many people, and was surprised at how down to earth they were.  Even the ones with monster sized blogs.  I never knew who I was speaking to {unless they were monster sized bloggers} until I went and looked them up.  I love how they just blend in…..I am planning on doing that when I get a monster sized blog…..

2)  Ask and you shall receive.  Anytime you needed something, you just needed to ask.  There was someone close by who could help, listen or share.

3)  Don’t be afraid to take notes- and lots of them!  I had pencil and paper in hand the whole time.  There were so many goodies said and shared that I was prepared to capture them!  I didn’t care that I looked like a total nerd, I took my notes everywhere.

4)  Ask and you shall receive #2.  I had questions and by George since I had the ears of Court and Beckie, ….and …… I was going to ask them! They were the pros and were there to share.  I might have overtaken a few times with all my questions {sorry everyone} but I got was I came for and more and loved the engagement of others.

5)  Everyone is afraid to start the conversation, so start one yourself.  Prepare ahead of time some conversation starters just to give you an emergency start.

6)  Have something different and exciting for your business card.  This is the place to show it off!  I went loaded with my zingers with a little sticker in the middle, and everyone loved them.  They not only stood out of the crowd, they were useful!  Many of our names were falling off the lanyard, so we used them to keep track of them.  Brilliant if I do say so myself. 🙂

7)  Sit somewhere new each time you had ate.  There was breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.  It would be easy to run to the table full of girls you know, but to break out of the regular mold, I headed to a new table each time.  I met more people and was so glad I ventured out of my circle.

8)  Make a list of those you want to meet prior and hunt them down when you get there! I didn’t get to meet all on my list, but did find a few and those were great connections and I was so glad I had done a little bit of work prior to going.

9)  Have fun!  Relax a bit.  Don’t take things too seriously…go the meet ups, pajama parties, and night dance a thon.  It’s dark- noone can really see what goofy moves you have going on…or did they?

10)  I do love attending conferences.  Whether going for business or meeting up with friends I had made from other connections I love going to these things! It is a great way to recharge, reconnect and get all juiced up for all things fun and businessy!  If you have an opportunity to attend one- do it.  You will love yourself for it-

Thanks to all the girls I had connected with– I had a wonderful weekend all because of you.


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