Top 10 Sewing Pattern Stores

I am a big fan of finding new shops and learning something new– maybe a new technique or layout or whatever.   I totally enjoy giving something a try

Little Red Chicken Coop

I thought I would share a few shots from the little red chicken coop…and of course the newest little additions – 2 chicks and one duck. Now, who would

Quillow Pattern

The quillow is the funniest thing.  It’s a mix of pillow and quilt. When the quilt is all folded up and stuffed into the pocket it makes a pillow.

Chicken Feed Bag Tutorial

We got a few new chicks a couple of weeks ago……they came with a duck too!  They are so super cute, but eat a bundle.   That’s ok though

Bread Basket Cover

Rolls are one of my favorite things to make….but they sure do get cool quick!  The solution?  A bread basket cover.  This little thing can be sewn up pretty

Baby Quilts for Girls

Baby quilts are the best!  Toss in one for a girl and you have a double winner for me!  I love the bright colors, the fun patterns and let’s