Memorial Day Savings!

Hope all your weekend travels or not have been safe! If you get a chance to shop, here are the best deals out there today. Happy shopping and sewing!

Chit Chat and Inspiration

Did you know that you can follow along on Facebook and chit chat with me and everyone else in there? That’s right!  Like us and then you’ll see all

Top 10 Sewing Pattern Stores

I am a big fan of finding new shops and learning something new– maybe a new technique or layout or whatever.   I totally enjoy giving something a try

Little Red Chicken Coop

I thought I would share a few shots from the little red chicken coop…and of course the newest little additions – 2 chicks and one duck. Now, who would

Quillow Pattern

The quillow is the funniest thing.  It’s a mix of pillow and quilt. When the quilt is all folded up and stuffed into the pocket it makes a pillow.

Chicken Feed Bag Tutorial

We got a few new chicks a couple of weeks ago……they came with a duck too!  They are so super cute, but eat a bundle.   That’s ok though

Bread Basket Cover

Rolls are one of my favorite things to make….but they sure do get cool quick!  The solution?  A bread basket cover.  This little thing can be sewn up pretty