Snappy Pouch Tutorial

These snappy bags are a lot of fun….the top stays shut because of the measuring tape.  It’s almost magical! I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile now and

Echo Machine Quilting- How to

Machine quilting can be a challenge.  Especially if you are using your standard sewing machine.  I used mine for years for all machine quilting projects before I got the

The Best Irons for Quilters

Irons are a touchy topic.  There are some brands that are loved, hated, put up with, drip…you name it.  They can give you a lot of grief….or happiness. Some

Homemade Spray Starch

This is the best copy cat recipe ever!  As far as for quilters go.  I have been using this recipe and my spray for over a year and I

Type A Parent Conference

With the world of blogging comes a whole new curve of learning.  It’s a mix of SEO, pictures that please, networking like crazy, and sharing your take on whatever

12 Shark Projects to Sew

I thought it would be kind of fun to find some fishy projects to go along with Shark Week.  It’s not really a normal topic of quilts, but they