Quilt Market Recap

This past week has been crazy busy and fun all wrapped into one! It started off with a visit to North Carolina to ThinkTank…a blog conference.  I was almost

Eyeball Coasters Tutorial

I am over on the Thermoweb blog with a quick tutorial for making eye ball coasters tutorial! These are so crazy and kind of fun.  They are great for

Market Prep and Blog Hop Tour

I was asked by Carol (super talented designer and friend) to participate in a little around the world blog hop.  While I don’t participate in these very often, I

Ghost Mug Rug Tutorial

The season of ghosts and ghouls is quickly coming.  To add a bit of fun to the Halloween holiday, I decided that some ghosts were in order. I am

Quilter’s Knot Tutorial

For years the Quilter’s Knot eluded me.  I just couldn’t understand how it twisted and how it ended up so nice. I gave it a few good tries….was shown